On November 3rd vote for Transparency in government

No on fair tax - Yes for Ken Allison

Top 10 reasons to vote NO on progressive tax, and YES for Ken Allison

Top 10 reasons to vote “NO” come November 3, 2020 for the constitutional amendment (fair tax commonly referred). 

  1. The Illinois government hasn’t been transparent.
  2. The Illinois government is not trustworthy.
  3. The Illinois government has a great deal of corruption and self dealing.
  4. The Illinois government doesn’t have a plan to reduce spending.
  5. The Illinois government can already raise the income tax but doesn’t, because they know it would not be popular and would likely result in some elected officials being ousted.
  6. Targeting one section of the population for a tax increase is anything but fair. Its morality tax designed to pit the poor against the rich. And just to be clear…Fair is everyone paying the same percentage.
  7. Wealthy individuals will simply apportion more of the income outside the State of Illinois in order to reduce their tax exposure. (If you are not sure what apportion is, comment below).
  8. We will see an increase in outmigration as a direct result which will reduce the number of US Reps we are allocated to serve in Congress. We are currently projected to lose one as a result of the 2020 census. To that point, our Illinois voice will have less importance Nationally as the years pass.
  9. The government will have to continually raise the income tax rates and adjust the brackets as people choose to live elsewhere because the cost of government is never reduced. Bottom line, over the long run we will all end up paying more.
  10. It certainly opens the door to tax retirement income as well as military pay.


Bonus: a few days ago, there was a mention that there would have to be a 20% increase across the board for the current tax structure if the amendment is not passed. That would take us ALL from our current 4.95% tax rate to just under 6%. It’s incredibly important to understand the math. The reality is this. If our elected officials are left unchecked, we will all be paying 9% or higher within a decade if not sooner.

The absolute “safest” choice in this matter is to vote “NO” for the tax amendment.

When you cast your vote on November 3rd. Vote for transparency, vote for Ken Allison

Our elected officials don’t know what it’s like to be a good public servant. There’s corruption and self-dealing at every level of our government. I am going to change that. I will demand transparency and that will earn your trust. Get to know me and my work ethic, and you’ll see that we have a chance to affect real change.
  • 27.5 year retired military
  • 3 tour combat veteran, 2003, 2004 and then again 2015
  • Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience
  • Small business owner and entrepreneur
  • School board member
  • Not for profit board member
Based on my unique experience, you can understand why I am the best choice. As you can see, I am the safe bet.
A vote for the other two candidates will be more of the same.
A vote for me will be a vote for prosperity.
A vote for change.
A vote for transparency.
A vote for a trusted and proven leader.
Vote for Ken Allison

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