WGLT debate/forum intro

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 26 SEP How comfortable are you? How are your friends and family doing? How your children doing? I can tell you what everyone I have talked to is feeling… Uncomfortable The reason why is that there is no trust because there is no transparency. The elected officials we have in officeContinue reading “WGLT debate/forum intro”

Constitutional Changes & Tax Increases

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 16 SEP I just watched a commercial regarding the constitutional change for the progressive tax structure.The beginning argument was that the General Assembly can already change the income tax rate anytime they want. While true, here is why they don’t do just that.The flat tax percentage of taxable income would haveContinue reading “Constitutional Changes & Tax Increases”

Bloomington Public Transportation

From Facebook August 14 Today I was invited to Bloomington, Illinois to visit and talk with the people of the 88th District about various issues. Most notably, public transportation accessibility to school age children and veterans. Two examples. Example 1:There is a school that is currently paying cab fares for students to get to and from school.Continue reading “Bloomington Public Transportation”