WGLT debate/forum intro

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 26 SEP

How comfortable are you? How are your friends and family doing? How your children doing? I can tell you what everyone I have talked to is feeling…


The reason why is that there is no trust because there is no transparency. The elected officials we have in office have no clue what it is to be a selfless servant. There is corruption and self-dealing at every level of our governance. The two opposing candidates will offer nothing new necessary to change the course that we headed down. The Democratic Party is running roughshod over this state and the Republican Party has no answers to combat it. What is left is a population that is grossly underserved. I plan to change that. I will demand transparency and that will earn your trust. Once you get to know me and my work ethic, you too will see that we have an opportunity here for real change by electing a proven leader with a solid resume. Let me remind you.

  • 27.5 year retired military
  • 3 tour combat veteran, 2003, 2004 and then again 2015
  • Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience
  • Small business owner and entrepreneur
  • School board member
  • Not for profit board member

The last question I have to ask you. Can you be objective? Can you look at the content of character as well as my track record and at least realize that I am exponentially more qualified than the other two candidates. Because if you can be objective, you’ll realize I am the only option.

I am the safe bet. I am simply the most conservative choice.

  • A vote for the other two candidates will simply be more of the same.
  • A vote for me will be a vote for prosperity.
  • A vote for change.
  • A vote for transparency.
  • A vote for a trusted and proven leader.

All of which we so desperately need.

How comfortable are you?

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Ken Allison’s observations from the WGLT debate/forum

Elect Ken Allison for IL88th

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 26 SEP

Here the breakdown…

2 min intro. 90sec for questions. 60sec for follow up questions. 2 min closing statement. We drew the order and fortunately for me, I was the last person to open, and last person to close. Beginners luck I suppose.


I found it interesting that this candidate was giving the recommendation to vote yes for the “fair” tax amendment. I get it, it’s the party line. But, she doesn’t have a degree in accounting nor is she a CPA. Much less a CPA with 20 years of professional tax consulting experience. She kept saying that it just needs to be passed and that people making “250k net profit” can just pay a little more. When pressed, her answer never got any deeper. She never gave any more information. The bottom line, she has no idea what she is talking about and it made me cringe in my seat. It’s simply irresponsible of her to give an opinion on whether or not the amendment change should pass. My suggestion, don’t listen to her when she talks about the tax amendment. Otherwise, I think she means well even tho she used communistic propaganda to promote a labor rights webinar in late August. Ironically, she didn’t pay for it as it still has the Shutterstock watermark. Must not care too much about labor rights when it comes to “borrowing” other people’s work.


I found it interesting that the incumbent kept referring to the Illinois General Assembly as if he hadn’t been an elected official for the last 21 years. He wasn’t distancing himself exactly, more like…disassociated from it. Kept referring to it like, “Springfield needs to act” as an example. I’m like, hey guy, you’ve been a part of this broken system. This is you and all of the career politicians you are talking about. He is absolutely responsible and culpable. They all are. At some point, we have to demand results. Because too many of them have taken their eyes off the ball and it’s painfully obvious. Might explain why he never looked at me once. Not even a glance in my direction. He just kept shuffling all of his canned answers printed on sheets of paper. Keep in mind, he was less than 4ft away from me the entire time. Just bizarre. Last point on Keith. I was thankful he showed up to actually engage, it’s about time. I’ll go ahead and cancel the milk cartons with his face on it.

What are your thoughts???

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You may not know my name, but you know me

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 22 SEP

If you want to know my specific policies or positions, please ask. Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at kenallison309 or through our website at http://www.kenallison.org. I would be happy to answer any questions you throw my way.

My primary goal is for you to make a decision first on the content of my person, not just my political beliefs. From there, my hope is that we can have a meaningful discussion about the direction of our State. After all, if I am elected, it will be less about what I think we should do, but more about what the people of the 88th think we should do. My job would be to serve you. Not serve my own personal interests. I know we are not used to that here in Illinois.

To that point, You may not know my name, but you know people just like me.

I’m the small business owner that’s been massively impacted by the pandemic.

I’m the guy down the street, who QUIETLY served this great nation and this state for 27 ½ years, often at great personal risk.

I’m the guy that works tirelessly to help support our struggling not for profits in the area.

Above all else…I’m just like you, working to provide for a better future for my family, my employees and my neighbors.

Shoot me a message, I’d be happy to have a discussion about any specific policies that are on your mind.

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You may not know my name

Originally published Facebook/kenallison309 – 21 SEP

For those that don’t know me.

I am Ken Allison.

I will not allow the specter of socialism to take hold in this country. Not now. Not ever. It is simply unAmerican and it is high time someone stood squarely against the mere suggestion of it.

I firmly reject the idea that our elected officials in Chicago, Springfield, or Washington, can unilaterally dictate what is best for me and my family. They are out of touch. Period.

I demand transparency in how our politicians earn their living and how they plan to spend our hard-earned tax dollars. I demand accountability and equal representation that is fair and impartial. In short, I demand results.

I stand for holding politicians accountable for the state of our State and our Nation.

I stand for individual liberty.

I stand for the 88th District as well as the good people of Illinois and our fellow Americans.

  • I refuse to accept the status quo.
  • I refuse to fall in line.
  • I refuse to cower.

I am Ken Allison, and I refuse to kneel.

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Campaign notes from Morton, IL

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 – 19 SEP

Had a lot of great conversations in Morton today canvassing, knocking on doors. People can be incredibly friendly. Lots of people still ask me why I didn’t run as one of the other main parties. The truth is, it really shouldn’t matter. The question should be, can I trust you to be transparent. Why am I running? And then ask if I’m viable as a candidate for office. So in return, I’ve had to ask people to look at me objectively, as my resume isn’t too bad.

  • 27.5 year retired military
  • 3 combat tours to Afghanistan
  • Certified public accountant, 20 yrs of experience
  • Small business owner, entrepreneur
  • School and not for profit board member
Morton, IL

In truth, I’m just a guy working to provide a better life for my family. And by extension, everyone around me. I am also a guy that has thus far dedicated his life to serving this country, this state, and our communities. And over the last 6 months, I’ve just grown more and more uncomfortable with not only our State but also our Nation in terms of trajectory. We all feel it, we simply suffer at communicating it. And…our legislature is failing us in epic proportions. They can’t be trusted, simply because of the lack of transparency. And that is why I’m doing this. I want to make sure our people are protected. It’s dicey at best out there and we need effective leadership at every level.

Bottom line, I am simply applying for a job and you are the employer. And I feel that I am not only qualified, but also capable with the aptitude to learn quickly. In my heart, it wouldn’t be a hard job at all. Me walking door to door and engaging, is simply me trying to convince you that I’d be a great employee.

The last question people ask is what makes me so different? “The difference between me and the other two applicants is that the other two candidates are being financially supported by essentially two “fan” clubs. I’m an incredibly hard worker, loyal and trustworthy employee…I can do this job.”That’s my answer. So if you could, look at me objectively and make your decision from there. Have a great weekend!!!

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Vote In Person vs Mail-in

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 18 SEP 2020

In the fall of 2004, I found myself outside of a polling site in Afghanistan in order to provide physical security for one of the country’s first free elections. We were armed to the teeth and had the place locked down. This “Op” was no different than any other, we prepared and rehearsed. Voters would stream in one side of the mud hut and exit with a purple “inked” finger or thumb.

The learning point that day for me was not the mission itself. The learning point was witnessing the people coming out of nowhere on foot, in sub 40-degree weather, through the rain, sleet, and snow, to exercise a right. Many for the first time. Hundreds of people, walking miles, just to cast their vote. I share this because of just how important it is, and how important it is to protect the integrity of an election.

My suggestion is this. If you can vote in person, you absolutely should. If you can vote period, you absolutely should. If the people of Afghanistan can walk miles in the cold and rain, then we absolutely should be able to do the same.

What are your thoughts?

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Constitutional Changes & Tax Increases

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 16 SEP

I just watched a commercial regarding the constitutional change for the progressive tax structure.
The beginning argument was that the General Assembly can already change the income tax rate anytime they want. While true, here is why they don’t do just that.
The flat tax percentage of taxable income would have to be raised unilaterally for everyone and legislators concerned about rejection are unwilling to support such a measure. Instead, they are infusing a moral argument that says, “because a person earns more…they should have to pay more”. Unfortunately, when certain segments of our population are targeted for tax increases purely because they have been successful financially, they will simply leave. Because they can. Leaving an already eroding tax base to a smaller population to spread.

Of course, they don’t tell you that, because it would involve economic common sense.

What do you think?

Back to school in Illinois 88th District

Originally published on Facebook 17 AUG

Just got off the phone with a fellow resident of the 88th District. It was a sobering conversation that ended on the topic of sending our kids back to school.

Truthfully there is no easy answer. I can tell you, our educators and administrators are working their tails off to achieve the best possible outcome for our kids. Their jobs have become infinitely harder and more complex as most don’t realize. Managing the optics and public opinion alone, much less executing their return to school plan, is immeasurably difficult. As a school board member, I’ve seen the dedication and genuine care for our students. They truly want what is in the best interest of our kids. And they are being superheroes in their efforts.

To that point, I believe this is a decision that should be held at the community level. What is good for a school in Chicago, may not be appropriate for a school in any other district. We all know and generally agree with this. The problem stems from a lack of trust and transparency coming out of Springfield. No one truly knows what to believe.

The end result is that we have our communities divided and at each other’s throats. Arguing about whether we should or should not. And sadly, our patience has run out. There is no grace, there is no kindness. Just people being critical and harsh to each other. You cannot blame anyone though as no one has all the information. It’s too difficult to trust our representatives because no one is being transparent. I plan to change that by demanding transparency. It’s a tall order I know, I’m used to it.

What are your thoughts?

Ken Visits KAM Shooting Sports in Morton, IL

Originally published on Facebook 15 AUG

It was awesome getting to meet Kevin Moody, the owner of KAM Shooting Sports in Morton, Illinois today. Great facility and great people. Kevin and I had just a few minutes to talk about the 2A and the continual erosion of those rights here in Illinois.

If elected, you can guarantee I’ll be the loudest voice on the general assembly floor fighting for your rights under the constitution. Most notably, the second amendment.

Thanks again Kevin for the conversation and letting me shoot that sweet Springfield Armory Marine Corps 1911!!!

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