Ken Allison’s observations from the WGLT debate/forum

Elect Ken Allison for IL88th
Elect Ken Allison for IL88th

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 26 SEP

Here the breakdown…

2 min intro. 90sec for questions. 60sec for follow up questions. 2 min closing statement. We drew the order and fortunately for me, I was the last person to open, and last person to close. Beginners luck I suppose.


I found it interesting that this candidate was giving the recommendation to vote yes for the “fair” tax amendment. I get it, it’s the party line. But, she doesn’t have a degree in accounting nor is she a CPA. Much less a CPA with 20 years of professional tax consulting experience. She kept saying that it just needs to be passed and that people making “250k net profit” can just pay a little more. When pressed, her answer never got any deeper. She never gave any more information. The bottom line, she has no idea what she is talking about and it made me cringe in my seat. It’s simply irresponsible of her to give an opinion on whether or not the amendment change should pass. My suggestion, don’t listen to her when she talks about the tax amendment. Otherwise, I think she means well even tho she used communistic propaganda to promote a labor rights webinar in late August. Ironically, she didn’t pay for it as it still has the Shutterstock watermark. Must not care too much about labor rights when it comes to “borrowing” other people’s work.


I found it interesting that the incumbent kept referring to the Illinois General Assembly as if he hadn’t been an elected official for the last 21 years. He wasn’t distancing himself exactly, more like…disassociated from it. Kept referring to it like, “Springfield needs to act” as an example. I’m like, hey guy, you’ve been a part of this broken system. This is you and all of the career politicians you are talking about. He is absolutely responsible and culpable. They all are. At some point, we have to demand results. Because too many of them have taken their eyes off the ball and it’s painfully obvious. Might explain why he never looked at me once. Not even a glance in my direction. He just kept shuffling all of his canned answers printed on sheets of paper. Keep in mind, he was less than 4ft away from me the entire time. Just bizarre. Last point on Keith. I was thankful he showed up to actually engage, it’s about time. I’ll go ahead and cancel the milk cartons with his face on it.

What are your thoughts???

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