You may not know my name

Originally published Facebook/kenallison309 – 21 SEP

For those that don’t know me.

I am Ken Allison.

I will not allow the specter of socialism to take hold in this country. Not now. Not ever. It is simply unAmerican and it is high time someone stood squarely against the mere suggestion of it.

I firmly reject the idea that our elected officials in Chicago, Springfield, or Washington, can unilaterally dictate what is best for me and my family. They are out of touch. Period.

I demand transparency in how our politicians earn their living and how they plan to spend our hard-earned tax dollars. I demand accountability and equal representation that is fair and impartial. In short, I demand results.

I stand for holding politicians accountable for the state of our State and our Nation.

I stand for individual liberty.

I stand for the 88th District as well as the good people of Illinois and our fellow Americans.

  • I refuse to accept the status quo.
  • I refuse to fall in line.
  • I refuse to cower.

I am Ken Allison, and I refuse to kneel.

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