You may not know my name, but you know me

Originally published facebook/kenallison309 – 22 SEP

If you want to know my specific policies or positions, please ask. Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at kenallison309 or through our website at http://www.kenallison.org. I would be happy to answer any questions you throw my way.

My primary goal is for you to make a decision first on the content of my person, not just my political beliefs. From there, my hope is that we can have a meaningful discussion about the direction of our State. After all, if I am elected, it will be less about what I think we should do, but more about what the people of the 88th think we should do. My job would be to serve you. Not serve my own personal interests. I know we are not used to that here in Illinois.

To that point, You may not know my name, but you know people just like me.

I’m the small business owner that’s been massively impacted by the pandemic.

I’m the guy down the street, who QUIETLY served this great nation and this state for 27 ½ years, often at great personal risk.

I’m the guy that works tirelessly to help support our struggling not for profits in the area.

Above all else…I’m just like you, working to provide for a better future for my family, my employees and my neighbors.

Shoot me a message, I’d be happy to have a discussion about any specific policies that are on your mind.

Ask Ken about his policies.