Vote In Person vs Mail-in

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 18 SEP 2020

In the fall of 2004, I found myself outside of a polling site in Afghanistan in order to provide physical security for one of the country’s first free elections. We were armed to the teeth and had the place locked down. This “Op” was no different than any other, we prepared and rehearsed. Voters would stream in one side of the mud hut and exit with a purple “inked” finger or thumb.

The learning point that day for me was not the mission itself. The learning point was witnessing the people coming out of nowhere on foot, in sub 40-degree weather, through the rain, sleet, and snow, to exercise a right. Many for the first time. Hundreds of people, walking miles, just to cast their vote. I share this because of just how important it is, and how important it is to protect the integrity of an election.

My suggestion is this. If you can vote in person, you absolutely should. If you can vote period, you absolutely should. If the people of Afghanistan can walk miles in the cold and rain, then we absolutely should be able to do the same.

What are your thoughts?

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