Campaign notes from Morton, IL

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 – 19 SEP

Had a lot of great conversations in Morton today canvassing, knocking on doors. People can be incredibly friendly. Lots of people still ask me why I didn’t run as one of the other main parties. The truth is, it really shouldn’t matter. The question should be, can I trust you to be transparent. Why am I running? And then ask if I’m viable as a candidate for office. So in return, I’ve had to ask people to look at me objectively, as my resume isn’t too bad.

  • 27.5 year retired military
  • 3 combat tours to Afghanistan
  • Certified public accountant, 20 yrs of experience
  • Small business owner, entrepreneur
  • School and not for profit board member
Morton, IL

In truth, I’m just a guy working to provide a better life for my family. And by extension, everyone around me. I am also a guy that has thus far dedicated his life to serving this country, this state, and our communities. And over the last 6 months, I’ve just grown more and more uncomfortable with not only our State but also our Nation in terms of trajectory. We all feel it, we simply suffer at communicating it. And…our legislature is failing us in epic proportions. They can’t be trusted, simply because of the lack of transparency. And that is why I’m doing this. I want to make sure our people are protected. It’s dicey at best out there and we need effective leadership at every level.

Bottom line, I am simply applying for a job and you are the employer. And I feel that I am not only qualified, but also capable with the aptitude to learn quickly. In my heart, it wouldn’t be a hard job at all. Me walking door to door and engaging, is simply me trying to convince you that I’d be a great employee.

The last question people ask is what makes me so different? “The difference between me and the other two applicants is that the other two candidates are being financially supported by essentially two “fan” clubs. I’m an incredibly hard worker, loyal and trustworthy employee…I can do this job.”That’s my answer. So if you could, look at me objectively and make your decision from there. Have a great weekend!!!

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