Constitutional Changes & Tax Increases

No Progressive Tax

Originally published on Facebook/kenallison309 16 SEP

I just watched a commercial regarding the constitutional change for the progressive tax structure.
The beginning argument was that the General Assembly can already change the income tax rate anytime they want. While true, here is why they don’t do just that.
The flat tax percentage of taxable income would have to be raised unilaterally for everyone and legislators concerned about rejection are unwilling to support such a measure. Instead, they are infusing a moral argument that says, “because a person earns more…they should have to pay more”. Unfortunately, when certain segments of our population are targeted for tax increases purely because they have been successful financially, they will simply leave. Because they can. Leaving an already eroding tax base to a smaller population to spread.

Of course, they don’t tell you that, because it would involve economic common sense.

What do you think?