Back to school in Illinois 88th District

Originally published on Facebook 17 AUG

Just got off the phone with a fellow resident of the 88th District. It was a sobering conversation that ended on the topic of sending our kids back to school.

Truthfully there is no easy answer. I can tell you, our educators and administrators are working their tails off to achieve the best possible outcome for our kids. Their jobs have become infinitely harder and more complex as most don’t realize. Managing the optics and public opinion alone, much less executing their return to school plan, is immeasurably difficult. As a school board member, I’ve seen the dedication and genuine care for our students. They truly want what is in the best interest of our kids. And they are being superheroes in their efforts.

To that point, I believe this is a decision that should be held at the community level. What is good for a school in Chicago, may not be appropriate for a school in any other district. We all know and generally agree with this. The problem stems from a lack of trust and transparency coming out of Springfield. No one truly knows what to believe.

The end result is that we have our communities divided and at each other’s throats. Arguing about whether we should or should not. And sadly, our patience has run out. There is no grace, there is no kindness. Just people being critical and harsh to each other. You cannot blame anyone though as no one has all the information. It’s too difficult to trust our representatives because no one is being transparent. I plan to change that by demanding transparency. It’s a tall order I know, I’m used to it.

What are your thoughts?