Bloomington Public Transportation

From Facebook August 14

Today I was invited to Bloomington, Illinois to visit and talk with the people of the 88th District about various issues. Most notably, public transportation accessibility to school age children and veterans. Two examples.

Example 1:
There is a school that is currently paying cab fares for students to get to and from school. This means your property taxes are essentially paying for public transportation twice. Knowing that public transportation is available and often goes underutilized in the community, how is that solution being overlooked? We are already paying for the bus services, why not just add a bus stop?

Example 2:
Disabled veterans using the VA clinic have to walk over 400 meters (I walked it myself using my trusty pace count) to and from the entrance of the clinic from the ill placed bus stop. What if they can’t walk? What if they forget something at home that’s needed for the appointment? Is it reasonable for our disabled veterans to traverse over two football fields just for an appointment at the clinic?

If elected to the 88th district, these are the issues I want to know about. Fixing simple everyday problems raises the quality of life for everyone.

Taking care of our children and our veterans is, and will be at the top of my list.

Let me know your thoughts