for the 88th
District of Illinois

for the
88th District
of Illinois

Who is ken Allison?

Native to Illinois, Ken Allison was born in Iroquois County in 1972 and spent his childhood years in Henry County. In 1990, Ken graduated from Rockridge Senior High School in Rock Island County, before starting his military career on his 18th birthday in the United States Air Force.  He has been a resident of the 88th Congressional District since 2017.

ken Allison?

Term Limits 
This is a public servant position and unfortunately we have too many Career Politicians. We need to get back to our roots and remember we are here to serve our constituents.

No on Progressive Tax
Special Interest Groups shouldn’t be controlling our pocketbooks. We need a reasonable plan that protects not only our citizens, but the small business owners that are the backbone of our state.

We are in a crisis in our state. It’s time to look over our budget line by line just like a struggling business or family and cut out  the fat. It’s imperative we do this to fix the disaster we’re in.