Politician, NO.

Public Servant, YES.

kenALLISON for the 88th District of Illinois

"I'm not running for office to do stuff I want done, I'm running to get stuff done for you...as it should be"


2020 Election Countdown - November 3rd

Who is kenALLISON?

Native to Illinois, Ken Allison was born in Iroquois County in 1972 and spent his childhood years in Geneseo, Illinois. In 1985, Ken moved to Rock Island County and graduated from Rockridge Senior High School.  Following graduation, Ken started his military career on his 18th birthday and would go on to serve for 27.5 years in two separate branches (US Army and US Air Force).  During that same time, Ken graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1999.  Since then, Ken has served in various accounting positions within the public accounting sector and private industry before starting his own practice, Allison Tax & Consulting PC, in 2012.  In 2017, Ken moved to Washington, Illinois to start his entrepreneurial journey after retiring from the Illinois Army National Guard.   

Elect Ken Allison for Illinois 88th district

Why vote for kenALLISON?

Illinois government is known worldwide to be the most corrupt state in our Union.  Countless governors have been sent to prison for self-dealing and corruption and sadly, not much has changed. In fact, it has only gotten worse with the latest scandal involving the current Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.  Ken understands that in order to return the State back to the people, we need to elect legislators that can be trusted.  Ken plans to earn that trust, 1% at a time, one day at a time.

All too often, decisions are made behind closed doors without the voice of the constituency.  Look no further than the successive unilateral decisions made by the Governor of Illinois without so much as an opportunity for public comment or dialog.  Small businesses are dying on the vine and people are leaving the state in droves.  The silent majority has had enough and absolutely demands that our elected officials provide transparency which Ken plans to deliver.

This is a public servant position and unfortunately, we have too many Career Politicians that seem to have forgotten the meaning for what it is to serve the public interest.  We are in a fundamental crisis in our state and its high time to look over our budget line by line just like a struggling business instead of promoting a constitutional change to increase taxes. Ken understands service.  Ken understands what it is to be a servant leader.  Ken plans on changing how Illinois is perceived by actually serving the public; the way our elected officials should.

Transparency in politics, why is this such a strange concept?

“Keith Sommer has lost any mandate he had to represent the people of the 88th district. We DO need better. We need a more effective opposition voice in the Illinois House rather than someone who simply turns up. Even when he IS in the house does he speak, say anything? We need someone like Ken to be an effective voice.”

Christopher – Bloomington, IL

“I am so glad that you are putting yourself out there Ken. We need someone that cares enough to make a difference. Illinois is a mess— it is an uphill (but very necessary) battle with boulders blocking the way. I’m glad you are willing to take on this fight.”

Evelyn – Washington, IL

“I think people will be surprised by your energy and drive. Hopefully, that will turn into votes for you. Don’t know where you get all your energy, but keep it up.”

Randy – Yates City, IL